Robert Campbell

A Digital Marketing Consultant based in San Antonio, TX with a specialty in connecting the dots for small businesses in how they leverage their digital assets and human resources.

Role: Creator/ Web Developer
Desc: A virtual idea builder to help you make sense of your idea, create a plan and ultimately bring it to life.

Role: Co-Founder | Strategist
Desc: SMS solution to better connect churches and ministries with their congregation.

Role: Website Dev | Branding | Strategist
Desc: Canadian Neuroscientist, Lorie Pulliam's 95 Lesson Course produced online to help athletes with the mental side of their sport performance.

Project: CE Group Inc.
Role: Website Developer
Desc: A PR/Event Production co. in San Antonio, TX.

Role: Web Dev. | Digital Marketing Consulting
Desc: A Tennis Supply Co. in San Antonio, TX.

Project: Living Hope Beta Group
Role: Digital Marketing Consulting + Landing Page
Desc: A company with a mission to provide hope in a world driven by fear and confusion

Project: Citrine Home
Role: Website Design
Desc: Interior design co. in San Antonio, TX.

Project: Nashville Fashion Week
Role: Co-Founder | Community Development
Desc: not-for-profit to build the Nashville Fashion industry

Project: OZ Arts Nashville
Role: Web Dev. | Marketing Dir. | Community Eng.
Desc: not-for-profit contemporary arts center in Nashville, TN.

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